Jan 15, 2007

My animated short film - About a frog ... Concept, art, design, development, post production done by me.

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In this post I have the rendered images, screenshots etc., to demonstrate my Modelling, Lighting, a bit of rigging, Character Animation in Maya7 and a bit of post production using Adobe Premiere or Aftereffects. This project is just my demonstration of the skills in the above areas.

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This is another screen shot from a scene in the animated short 'About a frog' project(same as above). From here down, I am displaying parts of the animated short. In this project, all visual elements and the concept, including the color boards, story boards have to be developed by the student alone.

Sketch of my wrist watch drawn with 0.5 lead mech pencil on a regular A4 sheet. Drawn from life. I scanned this drawing and did some color touch up and cropping in photoshop! Took some three hours to draw!

The character model of the frog in my animated work is a polygon model, done using a single cube. The Jeep is a crooked character which runs on the road rashly,and so the character design is done in such a way that it looks crooked, wicked and blah blah blah. And again the truck is also polygon model. All models, characters, lighting, texturing, and concept art done by me.

Jan 13, 2007

That's me!

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This is a graphic work done with my photograph about my interests. Color and graphics done in Photoshop CS. I usually use this pic for id purposes.

Sketch of a soldier

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This is done with a mech. pencil, 0.5 lead, on a regular A4 sheet. The reference image was a cover page of a magazine. It took 4 hours to draw. Color correction done in photoshop!