Feb 24, 2008

Newer works done at Virgin Comics

Cover page designs done for Virgin comics. Concept - Hanuman, Sadhu, Kalki, Kalki2 and Yama respectively.
Yama - Concept sketch. All sketches done with 0.5 mech pencil on A3 sheet and color changes done in Photoshop.

Concept of a car inspired from the Kirthimukha - The gorgoyle seen on Indian temples.
And the vexel version of the same art work, still in progress.

Inspired from the Harley Davidson bike, Vrex. I have illustrated to make/modify this as a fantasy bike. All the above and below art works done with 0.5 mech. pencil on A3 sheets, and color changes done in Adobe photoshop.

A character design (experimental) sketch done. Character - Outlando.

A vexel art work attempt done. Subject - A girl.

3D artwork done in Maya8 using NURBS only. No polygons used. Subject - A treehouse.
I am not sure if I have posted this work in the blog already. Lighting, models all done by me.
The screenshot image is color corrected in Adobe Photoshop.

Illustration done for greetings.

Character art 'Skullzcracker' . Same character, but different styles that I tried.